Extraction of the Audio / Video Media File from a Liberty generated PDF file


When a DCR file is saved as a PDF, the resulting PDF file will have an audio/video file embedded inside and the associated notes will appear in the PDF file itself. This page explains how to obtain a copy of the audio/video file from inside such a PDF.

First, open the PDF using Adobe Reader V9.1 or later (Previous versions may not support this function). Users will see the bookmark notes and green "play" icons corresponding to the times when the notes were taken. Click on one of the icons and the Media Player Window will open.

Liberty Video Recording System

Depending on the Adobe Reader configuration, the user may receive a prompt asking for confirmation of the selected action. The prompt may ask if the user wants to play the file or not and the user should respond "Yes" to continue with the playback. The audio / video should then start playing in Media Player.

Liberty Video Recording System

Next, right-click anywhere on the Media Player Window and select "Properties".

Liberty Video Recording System

The Properties Window will display information relating to the media file being played. The "File" tab has the information needed to locate the file. The user must use their mouse to select and highlight the path to the file indicated under "Location:" near the bottom of the window.

Do not select the file name portion of the path; the file name must be excluded from the highlighted portion of the path, as can be seen in the screenshot below. Once the path is highlighted, Copy the path by pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard, or right click on the highlighted text and select "Copy".

Liberty Video Recording System

Once the path has been copied, open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Click on the address bar located at the top of the window. Clear the address bar of any text, and paste the previously copied path into the address bar, by pressing Ctrl+V on the keyboard, or right-clicking and selecting "Paste" from the menu.

Liberty Video Recording System

After the pasted path appears in the address bar, press "Enter" on the keyboard. The application will take the user to the location indicated by the path specified in the address bar. This folder will contain the media file which was embedded into the PDF file. Locate the media file in the folder (the name should match the filename indicated in the properties of the media file). Once the file is located, the user must copy it by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C, or right-clicking on it and selecting "Copy", and then pasting it in a desired folder by pressing Ctrl+V or right-clicking on vacant spot in the designated location and selecting "Paste". Alternatively, the file may be dragged and dropped using the mouse, from the original folder to the desired folder location.

Liberty Video Recording System


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