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Android Control Application (ACA)

Liberty Recorder Android Control Application (ACA)

The Liberty Android Control Application(ACA) is an Android based application that allows users to remotely control the Liberty Recorder application running on a separate recording PC. When in "User Entry" mode, the ACA stores some details about the usual system users, thus eliminating the typing and typos related to the input of the recording's meta-data. The ACA can run on any Android device using ICS 4.0.3 or later. This includes both tablets and phones.

This page relates to Version 1.4.1016 and later of the ACA. Please contact your Liberty Recording dealer to download the most recent version of the program.

In many cases, a wired connection from the Andriod device to the network is preferable. In such cases, Mimo Monitors may offer the ideal solution. Mimo Monitors have a selection of Android tablets that support Ethernet wired ports, power using PoE, and a VESA pattern mount. The tablets also include a tablet control application called X-Filer that can restrict access to the tablet, outside of the normal Liberty ACA program operations. You may order Mimo Monitors tablets from your Liberty Recording dealer.

ACA Modes of Operation

User Entry Mode of Operation

In User Entry mode, a list of user identifications (names, badge numbers, or accounts) is displayed on the primary tablet dialog. To initiate a recording, the user must select (swipe) their identification. The list is scrollable and any number of user entries may be made into the list.

User Entry Mode Primary Dialog

To initiate a recording, the user must select (swipe) their identification. Thereafter, the application will prompt the user for additional meta-data, as shown in the screen capture below. The additional meta-data is specified according to the site requirements. In the screen capture below, the additional fields called Case No., and Subject Name are requested. A user can then press the Start recording button to begin recording. Thereafter a "Stop recording" button becomes available so the user can later stop the recording.

If both the ACA and the Recording application are configured to allow Muting, then a Mute button will appear on the extreme right of the same line as the File Name on the ACA dialog. If one or another of the applications is not setup for Muting, then the Mute button will not appear on the dialog.

Additional Metadata Prompt Dialog

Room Mode of Operation

In the Room mode of operation, the user may select and control recording in any of the rooms defined to the ACA application. In the screen capture below, the user has pressed the Display Rooms button, high-lighted by the red arrow and rectangle, and caused the display of the rooms that can be controlled. The user should now select a room from this list. Note that the selected room will remain active until the time a user initiates a change in rooms. And if only one room is configured, then the user cannot select other rooms.

Select a Room in Room Mode of Operation

Once a room is selected, the user may disconnect from the room by pressing the Disconnect Room button, marked by the yellow rectangle, or they can append to a previous recording, or open a new recording, by pressing the File button marked by the red rectangle, as seen in the screen capture below.

Request a New File

Once recording is started, the Bookmark button becomes available as seen in the red rectangle in the screen capture below, and the user can enter bookmarks into the recording file.

Add Bookmarks to a Recording

Program Configuration Settings

The ACA Configuration dialog is shown below, followed by an explanation of the settings.

ACA Configuration

The User Entry mode setting allows the user to select either the User Entry mode of operation, or the Room mode of operation. This option should be enabled for User Entry mode of operation, or left disabled for Room mode of operation.

The Settings Password allows a site to restrict access to the ACA configuration settings. Once a password is specified, then subsequent access to the ACA configuration settings will require this password. If a password is not specified, then any device user can access and alter the settings. Note, if this password is lost or forgotten, then to alter the configuration, the ACA application must be re-installed.

The Rooms settings allow for the definition of the room or rooms to be controlled. In User Entry mode, usually only one room is configured. In Room Mode, one or more rooms may be configured. The Room entries must include the room names, as specified in the Liberty Helper application, and in the Recorder application. The room names cannot include blanks or underscores. The Room entries in the configuration must specify the IP address and port of the listening Liberty Helper application.

The User Entries only relate to User Mode of operation. In the User Entries, the usual device users should be pre-configured, along with their associated department. Pre-configuring the users allows the ACA to display a list of users from which one may be selected, prior to beginning a recording. Having the list of users pre-configured eliminates the need to repetitively type this information.

The Export / Import facilities allow an installation to export the Room and User entries found on one ACA and import them on another. Note that, from LIR 3.0 and forward, the Case bookmark information is automatically downloaded from LIR to the ACA application.

Download Liberty Control App Program.


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