Liberty Recording Knowledge Base

    Setup and Use of the Liberty Virtual Courtroom
  1. Accessing the Virtual Court with a Link Provided by the Court.
  2. Using the Windows version of the Liberty Virtual Courtroom Program.
  3. Listening to a Simultaneous Interpreter in a Liberty Conference.
  4. Working as a Simultaneous Interpreter in a Liberty Conference.
  5. Permanent Program Download, Install and Settings for the Liberty Virtual Courtroom.
  6. Virtual Courtroom In-Court Setup.
  7. User Guide for Making Use of the Virtual Court Conference Manager Window.
  8. User Guide for Creating Links and Phone Codes that Provide Access to the Virtual Court.

  9. Setup and Use of the Liberty Player
  10. Initial Player Configuration.
  11. How to Configure a Foot Pedal.
  12. How to Adjust Individual Channel Volumes and Channel Playback Mix.
  13. How to obtain a segment of a recording file from the Liberty Player.
  14. How to burn an Audio CD using the Liberty Player.
  15. How to adjust Tone, Noise Reduction or the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) facility.
  16. Thin View and Always on Top.
  17. How to Playback a recording with increased Speed.
  18. How to find text strings in the audio recording files.
  19. How to transcribe without a Foot Pedal, using Play-Pause-Play.
  20. Mac Player for Liberty Recording (.dcr) Files.
  21. What to do if you cannot hear the audio playback.
  22. Test the ability to "Stream" DCR file playback over an IP Network.
  23. Redact Liberty files using the Liberty Interview Player program.

  24. Setup and Use of the Liberty Court Recorder
  25. Text Substitution \ Text Insertion facility in the Liberty Court Recorder.
  26. Use of Pre-Defined Bookmarks in the Liberty Court Recorder.
  27. Video Recording Using the Liberty Court Recorder.
  28. Liberty Recording Simultaneous Write or "Mirroring" Feature
  29. Output of Audio to a PA System through the Liberty Court Recorder.
  30. Hardware and software compatibility requirements for Liberty Recorder and Player.
  31. Details regarding the Liberty system .dcr audio files.
  32. Browser Based Clock / Recorder Status Pages.

  33. Other Setup and Configuration Issues
  34. Azure Account Setup for use with Liberty STT Facilities
  35. Windows Certification for the Liberty Recorder
  36. Dual Camera Recording in the Liberty Recorder
  37. Support for Axis Multi-Stream Cameras.
  38. Creating a Portable Player in LIR.
  39. Support for External Devices to Indicate Active Recording.
  40. Support for LR-102 and LR-101 External USB Devices.
  41. Liberty Android Tablet Control Program.
  42. Burning CDs using the Liberty System.
  43. Support for HTML5 Streaming Services.
  44. Display Case Details in Windows Explorer
  45. Capturing Debug Information.
  46. Playback Problems with Video Files on Windows 10 Computers
  47. Liberty Recorder Support for Kuando BusyLight
  48. Support for NDI beginning with V8.7

  49. Supported Audio Recording DSPs Include:
  50. Support for Q-SYS Core 110f.
  51. Support for Xilica FR1 and QR1.
  52. Support for BIAMP Tesira FORTE.
  53. Support for Dante IP Audio Protocol.

  54. Supported Audio Recording Multi-Channel Sound Cards Include:
  55. Support for Behringer ASIO Devices.
  56. Support for Steinberg UR44C Device.
  57. Support for Motu 8Pre ASIO Device.
  58. Support for TASCAM / TEAC ASIO Devices.
  59. Antex DMX8 Four channel / Eight Microphone Mixer.
  60. Support for M-Audio devices.
  61. Support for the Echo Audio AudioFire12.
  62. Support for Presonus ASIO Devices.
  63. MX6/4 Four channel / Six microphone Mixer.


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