Dictation Buddy

For transcription and recording of standard PC audio files.

This page provides information and links about using Dictation Buddy and how to obtain, evaluate and purchase Dictation Buddy software, optional foot pedals and other accessories. Dictation Buddy supports playback control with a foot pedal and allows you to record from a mic input of the PC's sound card or from an external USB microphone.

Download Dictation Buddy no-cost Evaluation

You may download, install and evaluate Dictation Buddy, at no cost, for one month. Evaluation copies are available for download by clicking any of the following links. Evaluation copies are fully functional versions of the program, with the exception that the program will expire after 30 days. If you already have an Infinity USB foot pedal, it will work with the evaluation software. For ongoing use of the product, you must purchase a Dictation Buddy software license.

Dictation Buddy V4.0 build 50 (self extracting file, recommended) 2,275 kb
Dictation Buddy V4.0 build 50 (zip file) 2,056 kb

System requirements: 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, 8, 10; sound card.

Purchase Dictation Buddy License

Dictation Buddy, Software Only, $49.95 USD

Dictation Buddy, With USB Foot Pedal, $129.95 USD*

Alternate link for Dictation Buddy, Software Only**

Alternate link for Dictation Buddy, With USB Foot Pedal**

* All bundle pricing includes shipping costs within North America. Although the shipment will probably arrive within 4 business days, exact shipping times cannot be guaranteed.
** To Purchase Multiple Software Licenses, use the Alternate purchase links.

Follow this link for information about the installation and use of the bundled USB foot pedal onto your computer.

Users of previous versions of Dictation Buddy and of Transcription Buddy Recorder Edition, may follow this link to purchase an upgrade to Dictation Buddy V4.0 at a discount price of $25.00.

See also

  • Transcription Buddy plays pre-recorded audio files and allows you to listen and control the playback, while at the same time, transcribing the audio into another PC application like Word or Word Perfect.


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