Support for Behringer UMC404 and UMC1820 Audio Inputs

Behringer UMC404 and UMC1820 Audio Inputs

The Liberty Recorder supports use of the Behringer UMC404 and the Behringer UMC1820 to capture separate audio channels. The Behringer devices connect to the computer via a standard V2.0 USB port on the computer. The UMC1820 supports 8 mic level inputs with 8 XLR connections and associated pre-amps, or 8 line level inputs. 2 audio outputs are also provided.

In most cases, the microphone cables that might currently be directed to a tape deck device, such as the Sony BM-246 multi-track recorder, can simply be unplugged from the BM-246 and plugged back into the Behringer devices. Additional hardware is not required.

Behringer UMC1820
Behringer UMC404


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