Network Device Interface (NDI) Support in Liberty Recorder

April 3, 2024: Network Device Interface (NDI) Support in Liberty Recorder

Beginning with Liberty Court Recorder V8.7, the Liberty Court Recorder provides support for the Network Device Interface (NDI) protocol on video input devices.

NDI is a protocol developed by Vizrt NDI AB that enables video to be transmitted across standard IP networks. NDI facilitates easy to configure setups with high-performance connectivity to hundreds of different makes and models of video devices.

There are two possible implementaions of NDI support in the Liberty Recorder. The Standard NDI implementation supports less complex video configurations with generally fewer video sources. The Standard NDI implementation is available at no-cost in the base Liberty Recorder program.

The Advanced NDI implementation is available in the Liberty Recorder - Advanced NDI version. The Liberty Recorder - Advanced NDI version must be used in more complex video configurations where the number of video channels places a greater stress on the resources of the recording computer. Please contact Liberty Recording or your Liberty Recording re-seller to determine which implementation is correct for a given video configuration.

In either case, the Liberty NDI Engine must be downloaded, extracted from the zip, and saved into the same folder as the Recorder program is installed. Extract either both of the x64 bit versions of the engine, or the x86 bit versions, depending on your version of the Recording program, and save them both into the same folder as the Recorder program is installed.

Once the Liberty NDI Engine has been extracted from the zip and saved into the same folder as the Recorder program, the NDI device(s) may be defined to the Recorder program in the "Video" tab of the Liberty options.

For more information about NDI, please visit the NDI website at NDI.Video .

NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB

The Liberty Court Recorder is available in the United States through local re-sellers such as JCG Technologies of Scottsdale Arizona (, Northland Systems of Minnesota (, and BIS Digital Systems ( and directly through Liberty Recording.

Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.

Please contact Liberty Recording at for further details.


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