Liberty Court Web Based Clock

The Liberty Recorder supports industry standard clocks to indicate that recording is active. These clocks connect to the recording PC via a serial port, or using a USB adaptor.

Additionally, the Liberty Recorder can display the Recorder status on a standard webpage and then on any number of monitors that may be situated as required in the courthouse. Pictures showing two such monitors are shown below.

  • One picture shows a 65-inch display monitor with the time-of-day and the recording status.
  • One picture shows an 11-inch Android monitor displaying the time-of-day and the recording status.

You may mix and match as many such displays as required by the courthouse. The monitors are connected via the standard Ethernet network. The displays are simple HTML pages and may be updated to include both text and graphics identifying the court, along with the time-of-day.

Liberty Webclock on large monitor

Liberty Webclock on large monitor

Once you have enabled the webclock facility, you can go to the webpage on the Recording computer, via // with the appropriate IP address.

You may also display a webpage that includes both the webclock and the current Pre-Defined bookmarks by going to the webpage // with the appropriate IP address.

Note, if you use "Profiles", and you use the "webclockstatus", then you must edit a line in the "webclockstatus.js" file. You must alter the ==> sClockInfoFile: "clock_DefaultProfile.txt" setting to indicate the appropriate profile being used.

For example, if the profile being used is "Courtroom101", then you must change the sClockInfoFile setting to ==> sClockInfoFile: "clock_Courtroom101.txt" in the "webclockstatus.js" file.

Liberty Recording systems are available through local re-sellers such as JCG Technologies of Scottsdale Arizona (, Loffler Business Systems of Minnesota (, BIS Digital Systems ( and Audio Data Systems Inc ( and directly through High Criteria Inc.

Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.


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