Integrated Support for Wolfvision Cynap in Liberty Recorder

July 18, 2023

Liberty Recording Today Announced Integrated Support for the Wolfvision Cynap Pure Pro and Cynap Core Pro in the Liberty Recorder

Liberty Recording today announced integrated support for the Wolfvision Cynap beginning with Liberty Court Recorder V8.6. This integrated support allows either the Cynap Pure Pro or the Cynap Core Pro to send an rtsp stream directly to the Liberty Recorder program. The stream may then be either captured and saved by the recorder and / or projected to the courtroom and / or sent to remote courtroom participants.

Capturing the Cynap stream makes for a more complete record of the courtroom activities and allows for a comprehensive later review of the evidence and presentations made during a trial or hearing. Integrated support for capturing the stream in the recorder eliminates the need for dongles and other types of cables used to convert one format of stream to another and to get the stream into the recording computer. Eliminating these cables reduces the number of potential hardware failure points and makes for a cleaner, more elegant courtroom solution.

Wolfvision Cynap solutions are the standard for wireless presentation and collaboration systems in courtrooms throughout North America and around the world. Mr. Damian Biltres, Director of Judicial Sales for Wolfvision, states that having this direct integration with the Liberty Recorder will allow courts to consolidate the evidence and other materials presented during a trial or hearing into a single repository for later review and playback.

The Liberty Court Recorder is available in the United States through local re-sellers such as JCG Technologies of Scottsdale Arizona (, Northland Systems of Minnesota (, and BIS Digital Systems ( and directly through Liberty Recording.

Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.

Please contact Liberty Recording at for further details.


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