Liberty Player for Android Devices

July 5, 2011

High Criteria today announced the immediate availability of an Android version of the Liberty Player program.

This Android version of the Liberty Player facilitates audio/video playback of .dcr files on Android OS devices including tablets and smart-phones. The multi-channel recordings files created by the Liberty Recorder can now be played, along with any associated video, on Android devices. Any bookmark annotation notes created in the file are also available and the user may use these bookmarks to quickly jump the audio/video playback to identified points within the recording file.

This version of the Liberty Player also includes the ability to listen to individual channels and includes video playback, if applicable.

The Liberty Player for the Android OS may be downloaded, installed and used at no-cost, by anyone wishing to playback Liberty recording files on an Android device.

The zip file with the Android Player program is available by following this link to the download page for the Liberty Player for Android devices.

After downloading the zip file, you must follow these steps to install the Android Player:

  • unzip the LibertyPlayer_v10b613.apk file
  • copy the LibertyPlayer_v10b613.apk file onto your SD card and move it to the Android device
  • open the standard Android file browser and go to the LibertyPlayer_v10b613.apk file.
  • click on the LibertyPlayer_v10b613.apk file and select "Install"
    (the option may be called "Package installer" or something similar, depending on the Android version)

The install process will place an icon for the Liberty Player onto the screens with the other applications that are installed on the device.

Liberty Recording systems are available through local re-sellers such as JCG Technologies of Scottsdale Arizona (, Loffler Business Systems of Minnesota (, and BIS Digital Systems ( and directly through High Criteria Inc.

Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.


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