Liberty Virtual Courtroom for Hybrid and Virtual Courts

Liberty Hybrid and Virtual Courtroom

Liberty Recorder Hybrid and Virtual Courts

The Liberty Virtual Courtroom provides a court of record with an Internet-based, hybrid or virtual courtroom environment where a complete and accurate, multi-audio channel recording of the proceedings is created that can be used by a transcriptionist to create a certified transcript of the hearing.

Although there are many good conferencing systems available that offer general-purpose meeting and recording features, such systems are not designed to address requirements for holding a proceeding of record and ensuring the integrity of that record. The Liberty Virtual Courtroom was designed specifically to address the needs related to holding virtual hearings managed by courts of record.

The Liberty Virtual Courtroom allows a clerk to bring various parties into a conference over the Internet. Parties may participate with both audio and video, or with audio only, as required by the court. The proceedings are recorded into a standard, multi-audio channel Liberty recording file where each party is captured on a separate recording channel. The Liberty Player program can then be used to playback the recording and allow a transcriptionist to identify and isolate the audio playback of each participant. Each party may be provided with an access link, or the court may provide a more generic link and have parties identify themselves. as they access the system.

Liberty Virtual Courtroom Diagram

Liberty Hybrid and Virtual Courtroom Features Include:

    The Liberty Hybrid and Virtual Courtroom includes the following features:

  • Complete end-to-end encryption of all the media data and other materials in accordance with encryption standards and protocols defined in the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology,
    NIST Special Publication 800-131A.   Follow this link for additional details about the NIST.
  • Individual audio recording channels for each participant, whether they be local or remote.
  • Hybrid configurations where local microphones are individually captured along with remotely connected participants who are also captured on individual audio channels.
  • Unique or generic links for participants to access the conference.
  • Support for courtroom access using an iOS app on an Apple device, use of an Android device, or even on a plain telephone (using a VoIP line).
  • Encrypted transfer of documents and text messages.
  • Ability to place participants into "Private Rooms" where they are not recorded or heard by other conference parties.
  • Support for simultaneous interpretation where participants can select to listen to the interpreter, or the court, or some level of both.
  • Automatic audit as parties connect to and leave the Virtual Courtroom.
  • Ability for all conference participants to share their screens.
  • Optional streaming of the court activities to a website, a Wowza server or to 3rd party sites such as YouTube.
  • All of the standard features and facilities as found in the Liberty Court Recorder.

Screen Capture of the Liberty Recorder Courtroom Program

The screen capture below illustrates a Liberty Virtual Courtroom session with one clerk and three remote participants. Each participant is recorded in their own, individual audio channel.

Liberty Virtual Courtroom Screen Capture

Virtual Court Introductory Video

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