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Using Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy

Can I control playback and keep my text editing application, like Microsoft Word, as the working application on the top of my desktop?

Yes! Both Dictation Buddy and Transcription Buddy can assign Hot Keys to control playback functions, like Play / Pause / Rewind / FF / Speed-up playback and Slow-down playback, all through your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use a foot pedal to control playback functions. If you already own a VEC Infinity USB pedal from VEC Electronics, then you can use this pedal with Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy. If you don't already own a pedal, you can purchase one from us. Follow this link for more information.

My USB foot pedal is connected to my PC, but Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy does not see it and I cannot use it.

Please see this page for details about installing USB foot pedal support.

Where can I get a foot pedal for my PC that works with Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy?

Both programs work with the Infinity USB pedal from VEC Electronics. If you already have this type of pedal, then you can use it with either program. We suggest you download the evaluation version of the program and give it a try!

If you do not already have a pedal, you can purchase an Infinity foot pedal along with the software, from us! Follow this link to order a VEC Infinity USB foot pedal or send an email if you have further questions.

I have an Olympus R23/24 foot pedal, but I want to use the COM port connection, instead of the USB connection. Is this possible?

Yes. The Olympus foot pedal comes with a small adaptor that allows its use in either a USB port or a COM port. To use the pedal with the COM port adaptor, first download and execute this program. Then shut down your PC and plug the pedal into the COM port. Then re-start your PC. You should have your Windows install CD when you re-start the PC. You should now be able to activate the foot pedal.

How do I activate a foot pedal?

First, plug the foot pedal device into either the USB or game port of your PC. Then, go to View=>Options=>Foot Control and check the box labeled "Enable Foot Control".

How do I activate the Hot key function?

Go to View=>Options=>Hot Keys and check the box labelled "Enable Hot Keys".

When I try and play a DSS file, the program cannot see the file. What must I do to play a DSS file?

You must install the Olympus Player Pro software from the CD that came with your Olympus recorder. Alternatively, you can try to copy a file called DSSCORE.DLL into the Buddy program install folder. This DSSCORE.DLL file is distributed with Olympus software.

The above procedure should work for Olympus software containing older versions of DSSCORE.DLL (below version; with newer versions of the DSSCORE.DLL, support of DSS files may fail to work.

Can Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy playback at speeds that are faster and/or slower than normal playback speed? If so, how?

Yes! The program can playback a recording at a faster rate or a slower rate than normal. The speed-up and slow-down functions may be accessed either through the keyboard with Hot Keys or with a mouse.

When you start playback, you will see double arrows pointing left and right, just below the "Length indicator" (this is in the lower left corner of the main Window.). These arrows control playback speed. To slow down the playback, click on the arrows going left. To speed up playback, click on the arrows going right. Please note that these arrows only appear during playback. You can also control this function through the keyboard. Please see View => Options => Hotkeys for more information about using the keyboard to control the playback speed.

Each click of the arrow will cause playback speed to be reduced or incremented by a step speed. With this control, you can go down to 1/2 normal speed or increase the speed to double the normal speed. The size of the incremental steps is specified under View => Options => Playback.

More information about this topic can be found in the Help Topics facility under Using the program =>  Playback => Playback with different speeds.

I would like to use the Hot keys to control the Buddy program, but the default Hot keys conflict with my text editing application. Can I change these defaults?

Yes! Just go to View=>Options=>Hot Keys. Select the function you want to change, "Clear" the key, then press the new key that you would like to substitute for this Hot key.

What is the difference between Dictation Buddy and Transcription Buddy?

Dictation Buddy allows a user to record audio files (for example, from the microphone or line-in inputs of a sound card, or from a USB microphone). Transcription Buddy only allows the playback of audio files. It does not allow users to record audio files.

How big are the sound files recorded by Dictation Buddy?

The size of the file depends how much dictation is in the file and what type of compression is used on the file. By default, Dictation Buddy is set to use MS-ADPCM compression. This type of compression gives a good quality recording with moderate compression. If you want even more compression, we suggest that you use DSP Group Truespeech. Truespeech compression was written specifically for dictation applications and gives an excellent level of compression. To change the type of compression, go to View=>Options=>Recording=>Sound Quality=> Change.

How can I move the recorded files around the Internet?

Generally, wav files will be too large to attach to an email. An alternative is to set up your own File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. There are also a number of FTP sites on the Internet that provide free or paid space on their FTP sites.

I already have my recording on a tape device. How can I copy this recording to my PC?

You can use Dictation Buddy and a cable that you can get from your local electronics store. See this page for details.

Installing Dictation Buddy or Transcription Buddy

What version of Windows do I need to run the programs?

The programs will run on 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Your PC must also have a sound card.

I have a previous version of the programs installed. Should I uninstall it before installing my new program?

No. There is no need to uninstall a previous version of the program.

My hard disk crashed and I lost everything including the Buddy program. How can I get another copy?

You can always download the latest version from our web site at www.transcriptionbuddy.com. We recommend you keep a paper copy of your registration key and keep it in a safe place. If you have lost your key, use //www.highcriteria.net/scripts/getkey/getkey.asp to obtain a registration key. This form can be used only if your E-mail address that we have in our database is still valid. If this is not the case, E-mail us at support@highcriteria.com and provide your registration name, the old address and the new address, and we will update our records.

Purchasing Our Programs

The evaluation versions of the Buddy programs seem to work fine. Why do I have to purchase anything?

The evaluation version of the program will only work for one month. The program is not free and you must purchase a registration if you are going to continue to use it.

What happens when I make a purchase online?

A charge for the appropriate amount is placed on your credit card by our credit card processing company, either Internet Secure or ShareIt. We will then send you two emails. One email is simply a receipt. The other email is your registration information. Your registration information is a code that you must copy and paste into two text boxes in the Buddy application. Complete instructions come with the email.

This entire process should take about 10 minutes, from the time you make your purchase, until you copy and paste the registration information into the Buddy program. If you also ordered the optional foot pedal, then we'll send it to you by ground courier and you should have it in a week.

We send you your registration information by email, so it is very important to specify your email address correctly, in the purchase order form.

How long does it take to get a registration key?

If you register by credit card, it takes only minutes. Your registration code is automatically emailed to you as soon as your credit card has been verified.

My credit card transaction was approved but I didn’t get a receipt and/or a registration key. What should I do?

This is likely caused by a typing error in your E-mail address, or possibly due to some technical problems with network communications. E-mail support@highcriteria.com and we will resend the missing information to you. Make sure that your E-mail address is not blocked and that you can accept E-mail from us.

I am trying to register but receive a message that the transaction is “Voided”. What does this mean?

It means the postal address you provided is different from that of your credit card billing address. Please correct the address and try again. If in doubt, look at your credit card statement for verification. If there is still a problem, use the alternative credit card link.

My credit card is valid and has sufficient credit but your Website keeps declining it. What can I do?

The best way to resolve this is to call your bank. They have records of all your transactions and may be able to quickly determine the reason for failure. You can also try the alternative credit card link.

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